• 1. Spa Cover Shape
  • 2. Configure your Spa Cover

Step 2: Configure your Spa Cover

Taper Size
4-2" Tapered
3" Flat

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    Our revolutionary Continuous Hinge Seal prevents heat loss where the two halves fold together. When the Cover is shut, the two halves seal automatically, which is critical to long-term energy savings.
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    Our Spa Covers are wrapped in a 4 mil polyethylene plastic that is heat and tape sealed to keep out moisture. When selecting the Double Wrapped option, you get two wraps of 4 mil, totaling 8 mil.
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    Our special reflective liner, acts like a heat-reflective mirror. Radiant heat, which would otherwise escape and be wasted, is reflected back down into the spa water.
Extra Info

Please enter the size, in inches, of your current spa or spa cover. In order to ensure your cover fits your spa as it’s currently positioned, please be sure to follow our diagram for determining “A”, “B”, and “C”.
“A” is the side that is cut by the fold of the current spa cover.
“B” runs parallel to the fold of the current spa cover.
“C” is the measurement of the corner. If you have any fraction measurements, round DOWN to the next inch. Note: The maximum value for A&B is 96. If your cover is larger than that, call us to order.

Don’t know how to measure a radius? Watch this YouTube video:

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